Welcome Jared Draney!

Arrowhead’s New Junior Content Creator

Arrowhead is so excited to welcome Jared Draney to the team as our new Junior Content Creator! Jared currently attends Western Carolina University where he is seeking his degree in Film and Television Production. As the content creator for the Western Carolina football team, you can see his work published all over the university. We can’t wait to see what content he creates for Arrowhead and our growing list of clients!

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce Jared Draney!!


Hello everyone! My name is Jared and I’m extremely excited and ready to be a content creator for Arrowhead! Photography and Filmmaking are my biggest passions in life, and I’m a storyteller at heart. I started my journey with cameras when I was just a kid, making stop motion Lego videos. This love of making content has followed me all the way ever since, and now I get to do what I love everyday. The team at Arrowhead has created an amazing environment for creativity, and I’m so glad they’ve taken me on board!

Jared, how do you think you will apply your skills you’ve learned so far at Western Carolina to Arrowhead projects?

During my time at Western, I’ve been on plenty of film sets ranging from high budget to low budget, and have been contracted as many different film set positions. My concentration in the film program is in Cinematography, so I have been getting tons of experience using cameras and lighting setups. This knowledge and experience will help me make eye-catching, great content for Arrowhead productions!

Despite having a couple more years left of college, you already have a deep portfolio! What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve ever worked on?

One of my favorite projects that I worked on was a short film named “STATIC.” I was the Director of Photography and Camera Operator for this film, which was an absolute blast to shoot. We had an amazing cast and crew, and I won Best Cinematography at the Controlled Chaos Film Festival for it!

Tell us about your family and what it’s like living in Spartanburg, SC.

I have two amazing parents and two awesome sisters. We are very close and always have each other’s backs. My parents are my two greatest supporters and I’m super thankful for them.
I grew up across the bay from Manhattan, and moved to Spartanburg when I was 9. I’ve loved living here ever since. Spartanburg is a great city for its size, and I hope to keep watching it grow!

We know you love music! Tell us a little bit about that!

I was a trumpet player in middle school and high school. I was part of the marching band and it is one of my most favorite things. Even though I’m not currently active in any bands or music groups, I still play on the side and for fun!

You can reach Jared at jared@arrowheaddc.com!


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