Client: Spartanburg Little Theatre

Logo Design, 75th Anniversary Branding, Website Design.

From the very beginning of this project, the Arrowhead team knew this was going to be a special project. Not only are many employees at Arrowhead super fans, we have a love for things that our community loves…and the Little Theatre is one of those things.

The project begin with a “refresh” of their current branding. The legendary mask that has stuck with the Little Theatre over the years, is a staple. One that we felt as though we would be silly to change. So, our first task was to freshin’ up the current logo and make it “new” again without losing it’s historical values.

We went from this:

To this:


You can see the clear differences in the choices of layout, the surrounding mask shape, and event the fonts. We completed a much more streamlined look.

After the original logo design, we began to tackle the 75th Anniversary logo. 

The 75th logo did not come with a before/after, but here is the glorious after:

The negative space inside of the 5 allowed for the signature mask face to come through to keep the branding consistent.

Lastly, The Website Pulled It All Together:

Before, the theatre did not have an online shopping experience. All tickets were directed through the Chapman cultural center. Now, only select individual tickets will go through Chapman, while the rest go through the online e-commerce shopping experience we created for the Little Theatre. Purchase season tickets, donate, join their legacy circle, sponsor, you can do it all from there new site! Not to mention all the fun new photography and graphics pulling together to complete this beautiful brand.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker