Young minds looking to unleash creativity.

We pride ourselves in having a team that’s all in our 20’s. We all have a fresh take on today’s latest design trends, and we want to unleash that creativity on your brand. Let’s get started…

Lanie Whitaker


Lanie Whitaker became Founder of Arrowhead Design Co. in May of 2016 after two tasking positions as an in-house graphic designer for a tech start-up in New Jersey and a publication company in North Carolina. Lanie received her Bachelors in Art Studio with an emphasis in Graphic Design from USC Upstate and has used those skills and connections to build Arrowhead’s brand over the years. Today, Lanie is the Creative Director and oversees all digital and print media that Arrowhead produces.

USC Upstate

Bachelor's Degree in Art Studio with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Class of 2014.

SYP Communications Award 2019

Lanie & business partner receive the 2019 Spartanburg Young Professional award in Communications.

SYP & SCC Board of Advisors

Lanie now serves on the board of (SYP) Spartanburg Young Professionals and also the Spartanburg Community College Digital Design Board of Advisors.

Jamie Woodruff


Jamie Woodruff joined Arrowhead just eight short months after Lanie created the company. There was an immediate need to start developing the “One-Stop-Shop” mentality that the company still holds today, and Jamie was in integral part of taking the digital media that Lanie was creating and physically printing those designs on to garments that you see all over Spartanburg today. Jamie comes from a background in design and print application after attending both USC Upstate and Clemson University. Today, Jamie is the Print Shop Manager and oversees Arrowhead’s manual screen printing press and retail store.

Clemson University

Jamie studied English while at Clemson.

SYP Communications Award 2019

Jamie & business partner receive the 2019 Spartanburg Young Professional award in Communications.

Retail Guru

Jamie is the only creative in the office that operates all of Arrowhead's screen printing equipment. She hand prints every piece of apparel that leaves the shop!

Squad Goals

We couldn't do it without the squad

After starting the company in May of 2016, Lanie & Jamie did not hire another member on to the team until October of 2018 when they added Slade Mullinax onto the team as a full time graphic designer. Nearly another year later, they added Kris Bridgeforth and Katie Sparks to the growing lineup.

Slade Mullinax
(Lead Graphic Designer)

Kris Bridgeforth
(Junior Graphic Designer)

Katie Sparks
(Chief Operating Officer)