COVID-19 From A Millennial Design Agency’s Point Of View…

Wow!! What’s going on guys? We’ve never seen anything like this in our short time on earth. We’ve heard everything from government conspiracies, to social experiments, to actual truth that there is a disease of this magnitude wafting it’s way across the planet…

Common things we are hearing:

  • “Do you even know someone that has the virus?”
  • **Coughs** OMG I have symptoms”
  • “What if everyone loses their jobs?”
  • “This might cause internal civil war”

I’m here to tell you that NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE STUPID. Whether this is unnecessary media attention or not, the risk of heading down to Florida for spring break does not outweigh the thought of catching this virus and not being around to finally get to an age where people will take us seriously. We’re here for the long run…so while some of us 20-year-olds are making fun of the situation…Arrowhead won’t be doing that. In fact, we’ve heard from reliable sources that there are several cases confirmed locally that people actually know!

This quick read is to make a couple of points…

  1. Arrowhead will be thinking rationally throughout this process. We will never be “kids” trying to get out of work, and we will never put our team at risk. We are OPEN…from home. In fact, we’ve seen a huge need for our services over the past week. Local business owners are looking for ways to get updates out to their clients/customers digitally – either through their website or their social media pages.
  2. NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE STUPID AND NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE SLACKERS. One of the most common questions we’ve been asked before the virus even started…”Hey, do you guys work out of your house? Or do you have an office?” WOAH. If we were 40+ years old you would never ask us that question…We’ve had an office/retail space for nearly 4 years, and we’ve doubled our business every year starting from the time our owners were 24 years old. Looks like we finally get to work out of our home for a while like some think we already do?

Anyway, have you seen the new show on Netlfix called: 100 Humans? If not…check it out…it looks like us millennials and our grandparents are smarter than you think. The two age groups that get criticized on the “reg” come out swingin!

In true millennial fashion, you may have skipped over the middle part of this post and looked directly to this large text at the bottom…

If you did, no shame…it just shows that we can help get a message out digitally, so if you are a local business owner, or know one that needs help getting the word out during this crazy time in history…we’d love to help. You need to own physical real estate, but this is a perfect example of why you need to own digital real estate as well. Let us help you!!!

Contact or call 864.558.7609 to get started. We are offering discounted service for the foreseeable future. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable.