Impact Spartanburg

Client: Impact Spartanburg

Website Design

The previous Impact Spartanburg website had loads of information, but no good way of viewing it. Minimal picture usage, and old page layouts made for an uninteresting experience for viewers.

With our new design you’ll see vibrant images, valuable resource links, moving infographics, and plenty of helpful content for viewers to actually use! The Impact team was also extremely happy to be able to include new branding that they created internally. The new website incapsulates everything their organization is doing for our community in Spartanburg.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker



Spartanburg Little Theatre

Client: Spartanburg Little Theatre

Logo Design, 75th Anniversary Branding, Website Design.

From the very beginning of this project, the Arrowhead team knew this was going to be a special project. Not only are many employees at Arrowhead super fans, we have a love for things that our community loves…and the Little Theatre is one of those things.

The project begin with a “refresh” of their current branding. The legendary mask that has stuck with the Little Theatre over the years, is a staple. One that we felt as though we would be silly to change. So, our first task was to freshin’ up the current logo and make it “new” again without losing it’s historical values.

We went from this:

To this:


You can see the clear differences in the choices of layout, the surrounding mask shape, and event the fonts. We completed a much more streamlined look.

After the original logo design, we began to tackle the 75th Anniversary logo. 

The 75th logo did not come with a before/after, but here is the glorious after:

The negative space inside of the 5 allowed for the signature mask face to come through to keep the branding consistent.

Lastly, The Website Pulled It All Together:

Before, the theatre did not have an online shopping experience. All tickets were directed through the Chapman cultural center. Now, only select individual tickets will go through Chapman, while the rest go through the online e-commerce shopping experience we created for the Little Theatre. Purchase season tickets, donate, join their legacy circle, sponsor, you can do it all from there new site! Not to mention all the fun new photography and graphics pulling together to complete this beautiful brand.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker



Nathan Moore Foundation Branding

Client: Nathan Moore Foundation

Logo, Flyers, Website Design, Apparel Design

Arrowhead started out working with the Nathan Moore Foundation to create new t-shirts and an updated logo to go on their golf tournament flyer. The logo quickly became a recognizable staple for the foundation and the very next year they decided to have us create a new website that would accept donations, sponsorships, and t-shirt purchases online. We’re very excited to have been a part of this project.

Here is more about the foundation:

In 2016, The Nathan Moore Foundation, was created in memory of Nathan Moore, Greer High School basketball player. Nathan was always there to help his teammates, friends and family so by creating this foundation they are able to keep his legacy alive and give back. The foundation would not be able to continue without the support of the community so THANK YOU to all who have contributed through playing or donating! You can sign up or be a sponsor to help the foundation continue to grow and give back to student athletes.

Logo: Nathan’s favorite sport was basketball. By creating a golf tournament to raise funds, we decided to create a logo that incorporated both his favorite sport, and the sport that the tournament is holding. The basketball on a tee represents that.

Flyers: The flyers contain the new branding, and also the summary of this year’s tournament

Website: One-page “single scrolling” website with purchasing capabilities for sponsorships, donors, and t-shirts. 

Apparel: Logo tees with the new Nathan Moore Foundation Logo


Arrowhead Designers Jamie Woodruff & Slade Mullinax



Nu-way Lounge Total Brand Makeover

Client: Nu-way Lounge

Logo, Menu, Website Design, Apparel Design, and Social Media Management

The Nu-way Lounge, a local favorite, Spartanburg’s oldest bar, and the folks we share a brick/mortar wall with, asked us to create a new look for the Nu-way that would give a fresh vibe, but also play off the traditional “dive bar” feel that everyone knows them by. We believe we’ve achieved that with the fonts, colors, and mix of old and new.

Logo: Plays off the traditional “PBR” can label

Menu: Combos the old logo with new fonts, and macro photography of burgers

Website: One-page “single scrolling” website with full menu and Instagram feed

Apparel: Custom illustrations of exterior sign, and the classic Redneck Cheeseburger

Social Media: Management of graphics on both Instagram and Facebook

Arrowhead Designer Slade Mullinax



The Crit 2020

Client: Partners For Active Living

2020 Crit Logo Design

We were so excited to have designed the logo for The Criterium bike race that happens annually at the end of April every year to kickoff Spring Fling. When approached by Partners For Active Living to create the brand, we assessed the logos from previous years and strategized what a refreshed logo would look. Pulling in elements from bikes, but also bringing back the use of a blue gradient to show movement, created a fun new look for the logo. To top it off, we chose a very modernized/sporty font for the name.

We can’t wait to see it in motion!!

VISIT THE CRIT WEBSITE (Crit website not designed by Arrowhead)


BURG / The Lash Studio Collaboration!

Client: The Lash Studio

T-shirt Collaboration

We were so excited to be approached by The Lash Studio team to come up with a BURG / Lash Studio collaboration t-shirt! We landed on “BURG Lashes” and designed and printed every shirt in-house.

Here is what The Lash Studio Team had to say on Facebook:

“The Lash Studio – the place in spartanBURG for all your lash and brow needs! 🥰

Loving this BURG collab with @arrowheaddesignco !!! Come grab yours! Available in sizes Small to XL.”



Spartanburg School Dist. 2

Client: Spartanburg, School District 2, Oakland Elementary, & Rainbow Lake Middle School

Logo Designs

District Two, comprised of 16 Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, has one core principle; “Students First.” From instructional to financial decisions, this principle is the basis of all decisions District Two makes. This same philosophy held true when deciding to change their logo. District Two ultimately chose Arrowhead Design Co. for the task. The goal of this new logo was to not only showcase District Two’s educational offerings, but the community it encompasses. Adrian Acosta, Director of Public Relations, shared, “We wanted the District 2 logo to show who we are as a place and more than what we do as administration. People have a lot of choices when it comes to where they want to live and have their children attend school. When you move here, you’re getting a package— a place to live, work, and an education.” Taking all of this into consideration, Arrowhead Design Co. presented a logo exhibiting a geographic landscape, highlighting what Acosta refers to as the “common bond” of the district. Acosta and the District Two community were thrilled with the result stating, “Parents, students, and teachers all loved it. The kids say the design makes them feel like they’re going on an adventure. Who doesn’t want to feel like that about their education?” The sincerity behind this sentiment was further expressed when Acosta referred Arrowhead Design Co. to Lora Mckillop, Principal of Oakland Elementary School, and Trenton Hardee, Principal of Rainbow Lake Middle School. Both Mckillop and Hardee were eager to refresh their own logos after seeing the logo created for District Two. 

Mckillop of Oakland Elementary School’s goal was to create two logos; one more traditionally professional and one that bolstered the atmosphere Oakland Elementary School promotes. Mckillop expressed, “We wanted our logo to show that we’re a fun place to be and it does.” 

Rainbow Lake Middle School was next to seek out Arrowhead Design Co. for a new logo. Hardee of Rainbow Lake Middle School knew that their logo needed a refresh but didn’t have a set idea for it when beginning the project. Hardee expressed “We wanted them [Arrowhead Design Co.] to show us what they could do.” He continued on to say “Our logo needed a refresh and it is spot on.” Not only was Hardee impressed by Arrowhead Design Co.’s work; but also their professionality. “The entire process was super easy. They [Arrowhead Design Co.] were quick to respond and professional. I couldn’t imagine a smoother, better process.” While Acosta, Mckillop, and Hardee were all seeking different aspects in the process of recreating their logos, they can all agree on one thing; Arrowhead Design Co. not only delivered final results that exceeded expectation, they did so in a professional and personable manner.

Arrowhead Designers: Lanie Whitaker & Slade Mullinax
Blog written by: Arrowhead Content Strategist, Katie Sparks


Jax Transportation & Logistics

Client: Jax Transportation & Logistics

Logo Design

One of our favorite before and afters. We put a modern twist on the outdated logo that Jax once had:


Arrowhead Designer: Slade Mullinax
Jax Instagram:
Jax Facebook:


El Mex Lake Bowen

Client: El Mex Lake Bowen

Print Menu Design

Our latest menu design for El Mex Lake Bowen incorporated custom paintings inside the restaurant on the cover, as well as food photography taken by our team at Arrowhead.

Arrowhead Designer: Slade Mullinax
Arrowhead Photographer: Lanie Whitaker


Dry Falls Brewing

Client: Dry Falls Brewing Co.

Web Design | Logo Design | Can Label Design | Untappd Beer Icons | Poster Design

Our first brewery client! Dry Falls Brewing Co. holds a special place in our hearts since designing their website back in 2017. Before we met the folks over at Dry Falls, they had a freelance designer create a logo for them. In 2019 they allowed us to refresh that design to the updated and “crafty” look it has today.

Lanie is absolutely amazing to work with. I have worked with her for over a year and I continue to recommend everyone who needs a graphic artist to her. Arrowhead Design Company is definitely the group you want to do any of your digital needs for your business!” – Owner, Evan Golliher

Today, we maintain their website, create monthly event posters, and design any and every label that leaves their building!