2020 Small Business of the Year Spartanburg

Arrowhead Receives the 2020 Small Business of the Year in Spartanburg, SC



Featured In Winter 2020 Business View Magazine

Featured In Winter 2020 Business View Magazine

With opportunities for career and personal growth, and resources like SYP that let young professionals get involved in the community, now is the time to be a young professional in Spartanburg.

In its second year, Spartanburg Young Professionals’ The YPs honored teachers, artists, doctors and designers – all playing their part in advancing Spartanburg’s forward momentum, especially for young professionals. More than 300 nominations were submitted for this year’s class of The YPs. The SYP board chose the top three candidates in each category, with more than 700 community members ranking the finalists to select the awardees.

“The YPs of Spartanburg County are getting it done. Sometimes their work is visible, and sometimes it’s more behind -the-scenes, but young professionals are absolutely playing a major role in Spartanburg’s growth,” said Hunter Brown, SYP communications chairman. “The YPs is a great way to have their work recognized, with the support of SYP and the community. That in turn helps young professionals feel valued in Spartanburg, which improves the chances they stay in Spartanburg.”

In the last few years, Spartanburg has become a place where young professionals can grow professionally and explore leadership opportunities both at work and in the community. From 2012-2017, Spartanburg saw a 17.8 percent increase in the number of 25-34-year-old – aka millennials – countywide. That was good enough to be the eight-fastest growing small metro area in the U.S. for millennial population growth.

“It’s a great city to get started in and build a solid career or business. The city is thriving and always looking for new ways to help students and young professionals become successful,” said Ben Hall, owner of Big Ben’s Desserts and the 2019 Youhg Professional in Entrepreneurship.

At a Spartanburg Chamber Caffeinated Conversations event in March 2019, several young professionals said Spartanburg had a Goldilocks quality – it wasn’t too big or too small, but just right.

Lanie Whitaker, who along with her business partner at Arrowhead Design Co., Jamie Woodruff, were named Young Professionals in Communications, said that small-town vibe Spartanburg has is welcoming and encouraging for young professionals. “

When something happens in Spartanburg, the whole city knows about it, but not in your average small town way. Everybody knows about it because everyone is excited and wants to share the success. People want to know what’s going on, and our community is good at showcasing that,” she said. 

“It is exciting to have new retailers to visit, new restaurants to try, and new entertainment spots to enjoy in the heart of the city, even after 10 years of living here,” said Jenni Russell, this year’s Young and Professional in Innovation.

Russell, assistant product manager at Contec, INC., said Spartanburg offers the feel of a small community but with a bigger reputation.

“I love having a quaint, diverse downtown space filled with small, locally owned business, yet we have plenty of major retail business and restaurants a few miles down the road. Young professionals are able to support small businesses often =, yet we are not limited by the resources available in close proximity,” she said. “That feels like the best of both worlds – without a major commute.”

The county’s job and housing market is strong, making the live, work, and play pussple easier to fill in

Sundra Proctor Smith, this year’s Young and Professional in Education, said Spartanburg offers young professionals a great place to get started in work and family.

“Spartanburg is a great destination for young professionals looking for new homes and advancement. The job market is expanding, housing costs are reasonable, and there is plenty of culture, service opportunities and nightlife to entertain you when you’re not at work,” she said.

The wide array of quality-of-life amenities Spartanburg has to offer has only increased. New restaurants featuring everything from down-home favorites to adventurous international cuisine have opened in recent years, as have craft breweries and new entertainment and recreation options. Downtown itself has grown by leaps and bounds, too, with 289 businesses in the heart of the Hub City.

“Spartanburg is growing because Spartanburg is intentional about getting better. The growth in Spartanburg creates a lot of opportunities for young professionals,” said Hootie Solesbee, Young and Professional in Business. “I firmly belive that we are only at the beginning of the wave of Spartanburg’s rise of becoming one of the greatest towns in the Southeast.”

Solesbee, director at Harper Construction Co., has used SYP to get involved in the community, serving on nonprofit boards across the county.

“The people of Spartanburg genuinely care for the people of Spartanburg. I love all of the opportunities it provides to make a real impact in your community,” Solesbee said.

Proctor Smith said she has enjoyed the opportunities for professional growth available to her in Spartanburg. Proctor Smith, a special education teacher, said Spartanburg also provides a locational advantage for young professionals.

“An advantage of living in Spartanburg is its location. You are able to experience metropolitan areas while also enjoying the small town feeling that Spartanburg offers. Spartanburg is close to major cities like Charlotte, Atlanta and Columbia. You can enjoy the restaurants and entertainment that the large cities have and then return home on the same day,” she said.

“We would say that whether you’re from Spartanburg or you’re an outsider looking in…you’re considering Spartanburg most likely because you see the potential. We did too, and we feel as though we made the best decision we could have to put roots down here,” Whitaker said. 

Spartanburg’s talent pool has never been deeper. Just take a look at this year’s class of The YPs, a group of 10 individuals making an impact on Spartanburg County through their work or services in various industries.

Arrowhead Named Top 100 Design Agencies in the USA by Manifest.com

Arrowhead Named Top 100 Design Agencies in the USA by Manifest.com

Arrowhead Design Co. Inc. is a web and graphic design agency headquartered in Spartanburg, S.C. Founded in 2016, their team of less than 10 people specializes in web design; they also provide some branding, graphic design, and social media marketing services for small businesses in the advertising, marketing, business, and information technology industries.

Arrowhead Design Co. Inc. provided multiple website and logo developments for a marketing firm. Arrowhead Design Co. Inc. had been the client’s main source for web and graphic design, and they needed assistance developing marketing content. The company developed WordPress websites, provided SEO services, and designed logos. After working with the company, the client saw an increase in business.

“Arrowhead Design Co. runs like a frictionless machine. We’ve never missed a client deadline when working with them, and neither have we received any complaints about their work.” — President and Co-Founder, Marketing Firm

Spartanburg Science Center
Dry Falls Brewing Co.
Mary Black Foundation
Spartanburg Little Theatre
Spartan Waste
CWS Insurance
Spartanburg Soup Kitchen
Hope Center For Children
City of Spartanburg
Eggs Up Grill
Spartanburg School District 2

Owner, Lanie Whitaker Recognized at Queen Fest (Diverse Female Creatives, Business Leaders, and Community Leaders

Owner, Lanie Whitaker Recognized at Queen Fest (Diverse Female Creatives, Business Leaders, and Community Leaders

Queen Fest featuring @kmichellemusic is an all-inclusive celebration of diverse female creatives, business leaders, and community leaders.

Lanie Whitaker is the Founder of the fast growing small business @arrowheaddesignco, and she oversees all digital and print media. We are excited to celebrate Lanie and her team accomplishments as we lead up to Queen Fest on March 14th!

Tickets can be purchased at www.synergymusicseries.com/queen-fest.

Join us for a day of music, games and rides, food, giveaways, cultural awareness, health and wellness, and more.

Check out her bio below:
Lanie Whitaker became Founder of Arrowhead Design Co. in May of 2016 after two tasking positions as an in-house graphic designer for a tech start-up in New Jersey and a publication company in North Carolina. Lanie received her Bachelors in Art Studio with an emphasis in Graphic Design from USC Upstate and has used those skills and connections to build Arrowhead’s brand over the years. Today, Lanie is the Creative Director and oversees all digital and print media that Arrowhead produces.


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Owner, Lanie Whitaker Featured in Fall Edition of UP Magazine at USC Upstate

Upstate Alums Take On The Town

Presented by: USC Upstate

Magzine: http://publications.uscupstate.edu/magazines/Fall-2019/

*See pages 16 & 17 in the magazine


Designing a business strategy

Lanie Whitaker, ’14 knows life’s ironies better than most.

The knee injuries that derailed her collegiate basketball career set her on a path to realize her entrepreneurial dream as a the founder, co-owner and lead designer for Arrowhead Design Co.,  a growing graphic design startup in downtown Spartanburg.

“A lot of people say you can’t do anything with an art degree,” says Whitaker. “I think that just depends.”

A native of Greenville, S.C., Whitaker moved to Spartanburg County, where she attended Boiling Springs High School, became a standout guard for the Lady Bulldogs and was recruited to play for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

In 2010, during her freshman season with the 49ers, Whitaker tore the anterior cruciate ligaments in both knees. She realized her playing days were over, so she decided to open a new chapter and pursue a degree in graphic design.

“I always wanted to get into graphic design, but UNC Charlotte didn’t have it,” says Whitaker. “My mom, Terri Whitaker, who is an advisor for the Mary Black School of Nursing, said, ‘You should check out USC Upstate.’ So I did.”

Whitaker says she took full advantage of opportunities to learn her craft. She served as president of the Club of Art and Design and worked at The Studio, Upstate’s student-run graphic design center.

“I feel like I had a very personalized experience at USC Upstate,” says Whitaker. “I had amazing opportunities to not only hone my design skills, but to learn the business side of it, too. I had a little taste of everything. I was to hit the ground running after I graduated because I already had a great network.”

In 2016, Whitaker teamed up with her business partner Jamie Woodruff, who also attended USC Upstate. Their company serves clients across the Spartanburg community, including R.J. Rockers Brewing Co., Spartanburg Science Center, Total Ministries, and Spartan Waste.

“We have a great team and we’re having a lot of fun,” says Whitaker.

“We’ve got some great clients and we want to continue to contribute to Spartanburg’s economic growth.”

— by: Trevor Anderson (UP Magazine)


Arrowhead named in “BEST SPOTS FOR LGBTQ VISITORS” in Spartanburg

Presented by: Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce

Article: https://www.visitspartanburg.com/pride-in-spartanburg-best-spots-for-lgbtq-visitors/?fbclid=IwAR1mB9q-Eb0w4CUnytCPUetYffIfxyt3Wc0gPvlDSRqoYdwBfMvIz-lviqg

Arrowhead Design Co. is Spartanburg’s home for all gear, well, BURG. The popular design took off with locals and visitors alike, and now the BURG logo, as well as designs with the enjoyable description, “Spartanburger,” can be seen emblazoning T-shirts, hats, tote bags, and more. Arrowhead designs can be found at their Kennedy Street store as well as other businesses around Spartanburg, including Ciclops, the Coffee Bar, The Local Hiker and more.

2019 Spartanburg Young Professionals in Communication Award

2019 Spartanburg Young Professionals in Communications Award

Presented by: Spartanburg Young Professionals

Article: https://www.spartanburgyp.com/TheYPs



Lanie Whitaker & Jamie Woodruff | Owners, Arrowhead Design Co.

The co-owners of Arrowhead Design Co. are the creative force behind the popular “BURG” and “Spartanburger” gear and several other designs promoting community pride in Spartanburg County. The duo also provides branding, design, and marketing services to local businesses.

“Own your business and be confident in what you’re doing. Have a plan, network and build a name for yourself!”

Arrowhead Named #1 in Spartanburg and #5 in SC by Clutch.com

Arrowhead Named #1 in Spartanburg and #5 in SC by Clutch.com

Presented by: Clutch.com

Article: https://clutch.co/profile/arrowhead-design-co

Clutch named 337 companies in its new report on the top creative and design companies in the United States. Clutch’s research includes in-depth phone interviews with former clients, as well as analysis of the companies’ areas of expertise and market presence.

WASHINGTON, DC – July 31, 2019 – Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews firm, released a new report today highlighting the top creative and design firms in 24 U.S. states.

Clutch analyzed the companies’ client satisfaction through phone interviews with former clients. Clutch also investigated the depth of the companies’ expertise and their marketing leadership in the creative and design industry to determine the results.

The leaders primarily offer web design (44%), UX/UI design (26%), and video production (22%) services. Other services offered include product design, print design, packaging design, logo design, graphic design, and broadcast video services.

“The design of a website, video, or package can give potential customers their first-ever impression of a business,” said Clutch Business Analyst Michael Trim. “Picking a creative or design firm that can accurately convey your company’s unique personality and goals is critical to success. Clutch’s data can help those seeking design services pick a partner with confidence.”

The states in the report include: Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

The report concludes Clutch’s research into the top creative and design companies in every U.S. state. Last month, Clutch highlighted the top companies in the remaining U.S. states.

The leaders are as follows:

South Carolina

  1. SPINX Digital
  2. UnitOneNine
  3. Complete Web
  4. Fount
  5. Arrowhead Design Co. Inc.
  6. Let People See

Arrowhead Design Company: Website design, logos, graphics

Arrowhead Design Company: Website design, logos, graphics

Presented by: Go Upstate

Article: https://www.goupstate.com/special/20181009/arrowhead-design-company-website-design-logos-graphics

For Lanie Whitaker and Jamie Woodruff, first impressions are important. Creating first impressions is also important to the success of their clients.

Two years after Whitaker founded Arrowhead Design Company, the two are enjoying their partnership at a new location, 379 E. Kennedy St., next to the Nu-Way Restaurant. They seized upon the opportunity to open the downtown location because they saw a need for an affordable web design and print shop business with guaranteed personal services.

“With the growth in Spartanburg right now, we want to be a part of that,” said Whitaker, a 26-year-old Spartanburg native who acquired real-life skills at a software company in New Jersey after earning a graphic design degree from USC Upstate. “I see Spartanburg growing into something totally different, with its own identity and destination,” Whitaker added.

After New Jersey, Whitaker worked for a publication on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where she decided that she’d acquired all the skills she needed to start her own business. “I wanted to do something for myself, and what better way than to do it where I grew up,” she said.

he met some friends who had their own businesses in Spartanburg – Fabian Mata with Nacho Taco, and Debra and Meagan Patrick with Palmetto Twist in Boiling Springs. Then on July 11, 2016, she opened Arrowhead Design from her home.

“Me and my dad used to hunt for arrowheads all the time,” Whitaker said of her initial vision for naming the business. “For other marketing reasons, we just thought (Arrowhead) would fit this area – younger and hipper.”

At the time, she was focusing on website design and creating logos and branding for local businesses. Then she met Woodruff through Palmetto Twist, a Boiling Springs specialty boutique. “Jamie helped me open the screen printing side,” Whitaker said.

Woodruff, a 25-year-old native of Woodruff, attended Clemson University where she majored in secondary education. At Palmetto Twist, she was doing a log of the design work each day and saw that much of the screen printing work was being outsourced. She was sure there was a market for this type of work. That led her to team up with Whitaker and move the business into a space in Lyman.

One of their first screen printing successes was the Spartanburger T-shirt, which has been a big seller at several downtown locations. “We made that our screen-printing brand,” Whitaker said. “We still print it. We (tailor) it for many towns.” Their shirts are now sold from Hub City Bookshop, The Coffee Bar, The Local Hiker, Two Doors Down and Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery.

With business continuing to grow, Whitaker said she searched for a new location in downtown Spartanburg. “We were looking for a big, wide-open space,” Whitaker said of the Kennedy St. location. They also wanted other businesses to partner with them. Now Kathryn Harvey works with Arrowhead Design doing marketing and consulting work. Another partner is 3D Open Door, which produces video shoots and 3-D virtual tours.

Currently, they are working on a couple of large design projects for apartment complexes as well as with Greenville’s Stone Pin Company, the company that is bringing a bowling alley, restaurant and event center to Morgan Square. Recently finished branding projects include the Spartanburg Science Center and Brown’s Meat Market.

“We hear all the time from people that we have a different vibe than other agencies – we’re small and a better personal experience than a corporate company,” Whitaker said. “We want to stay true to being small and personal. We don’t want to grow into a non-personal experience.”

Woodruff said that although she is not doing what she went to college for, she loves what she does and looks forward to growing Arrowhead Design with Whitaker – “but not getting so big that personal service gets lost.”

“It’s very fun to meet with different people and help them come up with what they visualize for their business,” Woodruff said. “It’s really fun to see their reactions when they get their business cards or T-shirts. I think moving to downtown Spartanburg was a really great move,” Woodruff added. “Hopefully it generates some new business.”

“Let us design your first impression,” the Arrowhead website states. Creating that first impression is the key to the company’s success.

Arrowhead Design Company celebrates new Spartanburg location

Arrowhead Design Company celebrates new Spartanburg location

Presented by: Go Upstate

Article: https://www.goupstate.com/news/20180928/arrowhead-design-company-celebrates-new-spartanburg-location

Arrowhead Design Company’s new location on East Kennedy Street in Spartanburg offers a variety of items for sale featuring catchy slogans and logos.

Co-owners Lanie Whitaker and Jamie Woodruff ran the business for several years in Lyman before moving it to Spartanburg this year. The business began primarily focusing on logo and graphic design along with social media management. Whitaker said after people starting asking them to have logos placed on t-shirts and coffee mugs, Arrowhead decided to start doing its own screen printing.

The business has opened at 379 E. Kennedy St. Whitaker said she continues to focus on social media management and logo and graphic design for local companies, while Woodruff handles the screen printing business.

“We moved into our new space two months ago,” Whitaker said. “It’s been awesome down here, and everyone in the city has been welcoming.”

The business hosted a reception Friday night for its customers and promoted some of its new t-shirt slogans.

Woodruff said t-shirts featuring “I’m a Spartanburger” and “Burg” have already been popular with local residents and those visiting the city for the first time. The store also sells hats, coffee mugs and other items featuring Spartanburg and South Carolina.

Several t-shirts also feature screen prints of light bulbs with “Spartanburg” displayed on the front.

Many people want local apparel, Woodruff said. “People are still getting to know us.”

Whitaker said the company’s logo and graphic designs are meant to build local pride in the community and appeal to a variety of customers including residents and corporate clients.

“The way it is going now in Spartanburg, we hope to make a presence here,” Whitaker said. “Over the past year, our sales have doubled, and we hope to continue our success.”