Start thinking creatively for your business. We'll show you the ropes.

As a business owner in Spartanburg, you will face very specific challenges that we’ve broken down into 11 workshops throughout the year. During these workshops we will help YOU individually solve problems for your business related to our local market.

2020 Workshop Schedule

Workshops take place on the first or second Thursday of every month from 5pm-7pm (class times subject to change). Refreshments will be provided.

$500/one time for a one year membership (Save $160). After January, only single class sign ups apply for $60/ea. Limited spacing. Only 20 memberships will be sold for the year 2020. Members also receive service discounts, retail discounts, and BURG Smart gear.

In this workshop we will identify what it means to have a good logo, and if your specific logo is working for your business. Logos are a first impression, so settling there can set your business up for failure from the beginning.

YES! In this workshop, business owners will get a first hand look at how changing your marketing tactics seasonally on social media can build trust in your clients/customers, as well as a loyal following throughout the entire year.

This workshop will be an eye opening moment for many local business owners. There are LOTs of companies out there preying on local business owners like you, telling you that spending X amount of dollars each month on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way you’re going to be found. That is not true. We are here to help.

In this workshop we will put you (the business owner) in the shoes of your customers. We will first work to build a profile for the types of people your business targets, and by the end of the workshop you will have new insight on how to market to those individuals.

Are you the business owner that quantifies ROI by only looking at numbers in Google Analytics? Well, you’re totally missing the point. Use Google Analytics as a means of IMPROVING your marketing, not identifying every possible bad stat your website incurs. In this workshop we will bring you back down to earth, and tell you the important stats vs the ones you think are important.

In this workshop we will explain the importance of both digital and print media. Think about it…it takes only seconds to delete an email blast or scroll past a social media post, but handing someone a printed marketing piece puts a name to a face and has a much more likely chance of getting looked at a second time. We’re not zipping around in hover cars yet…so until then…design a print brochure, because you can’t click “delete” on a piece of paper.

Thinking you don’t have time for your marketing is like saying you don’t have time to pay your electric bill. Marketing your business is what’s going to keep the lights on. We will help you strategize timing for your marketing strategy and identify easy ways that non-designers can make things look nice quickly.

In this workshop we will see examples of marketing strategies from successful businesses across the upstate and the country. As Kmart once said in their commercial advertising free shipping…”You mean…I can ship my pants?” YES, you too can SHIP your pants and win the hearts and belly laughs of tons of customers around you.

In this workshop we will break down design terms that every marketing team should understand. My printer is asking for a vector file…what is that? All of my pictures are pixelated…how do I save them at a higher resolution? You, the business owner will have the chance to ask these questions. We hear them everyday – It’s about time this information became everyday knowledge.

Nothing gets done without a persistent state of mind. In this workshop we will provide insight on how long to stick with a marketing tactic before you press the brakes. Things take time! If you expect your business to turn around over night after hiring a marketing team, or making a bunch of changes on your own, you’re going to pay the price.

In this workshop we will help you identify ways you can give to your customers without breaking the bank. People want free stuff. It’s just the way we are built. Show good-faith marketing skills that will help customers remember you when they need your services, whether it’s now, or later.

Burg Smart Membership Benefits

Unlimited Workshops

Enjoy unlimited access to our monthly workshops (These classes will take place on the first or second Thursday of every month in the evening from 5pm to 7pm and include light refreshments)

20% Off Retail Store

Have you seen our BURG gear? For the life of your membership, you will always receive 20% off of ANY item in our store.

20% Off Design

After some of these workshops, you may need some help executing a new plan for your marketing efforts. For the life of your membership you will receive 20% off of our services (up to $1,400).

BURG Smart Gear

You've got to have some swag to rep around town right? We'll make sure you're hooked up with a BURG Smart t-shirt and a hat with your membership.

Yearly Membership $500

For $500/year ($160 savings) you have unlimited access to our classes, as well as the other benefits above.


Individual Workshops $60

Not sure if you can make all 11 workshops? That's totally fine. Pick and choose your workshops based on your needs for $60/ea.