Arrowhead Design Company celebrates new Spartanburg location

Arrowhead Design Company celebrates new Spartanburg location

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Arrowhead Design Company’s new location on East Kennedy Street in Spartanburg offers a variety of items for sale featuring catchy slogans and logos.

Co-owners Lanie Whitaker and Jamie Woodruff ran the business for several years in Lyman before moving it to Spartanburg this year. The business began primarily focusing on logo and graphic design along with social media management. Whitaker said after people starting asking them to have logos placed on t-shirts and coffee mugs, Arrowhead decided to start doing its own screen printing.

The business has opened at 379 E. Kennedy St. Whitaker said she continues to focus on social media management and logo and graphic design for local companies, while Woodruff handles the screen printing business.

“We moved into our new space two months ago,” Whitaker said. “It’s been awesome down here, and everyone in the city has been welcoming.”

The business hosted a reception Friday night for its customers and promoted some of its new t-shirt slogans.

Woodruff said t-shirts featuring “I’m a Spartanburger” and “Burg” have already been popular with local residents and those visiting the city for the first time. The store also sells hats, coffee mugs and other items featuring Spartanburg and South Carolina.

Several t-shirts also feature screen prints of light bulbs with “Spartanburg” displayed on the front.

Many people want local apparel, Woodruff said. “People are still getting to know us.”

Whitaker said the company’s logo and graphic designs are meant to build local pride in the community and appeal to a variety of customers including residents and corporate clients.

“The way it is going now in Spartanburg, we hope to make a presence here,” Whitaker said. “Over the past year, our sales have doubled, and we hope to continue our success.”

2018 Small Business Success Award

2018 Small Business Success Award

Presented by: Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce

**Arrowhead was presented with the FIRST EVER Small Business Success Award in Spartanburg Chamber history


Arrowhead Design Company offers branding & graphic design, web design, social media design, and in-house screen printing services. During the past year, the company has expanded its business into Downtown Spartanburg and full in-house screen printing services. Arrowhead provides a unique and intimate experience that has allowed its business and clients to thrive. You can find team members at community events, such as Spring Fling, displaying their highly coveted “I’m a Spartanburger” apparel.


  • The business must be physically located in Spartanburg County.
  • The business must have less than fifty (50) full-time employees (FTE).


  • Staying Power: Shows a history as an established business in Spartanburg County through time and community engagement.
  • Company Growth: Shows positive growth trends in revenues and workforce.
  • Innovation: Demonstrates creativity and imagination in business expansion and future planning.
  • Involvement: Active as a civic partner, both as an organization and by encouraging employees to be engaged citizens.
  • Response to Adversity: Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles with ingenuity, optimism and hard work.


  • Nominees will be brought before the Small Business Council on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Each nominee will be evaluated based on the criteria above. Closing the discussion, council will approve, deny, or request further information. If further information is requested, program director or award chair will contact business owner directly.