Hope Center For Children

Client: Hope Center For Children

2020 501 Project Awardee

Every year we award one non-profit organization that we feel is making a huge difference with a completely new, top-of-the-line, website at no cost to the organization. We began The 501 Project in 2018 and have continued the tradition every year. This year, our 2020 awardee, Hope Center For Children’s mission is to build stable, healthy families and to provide children a safe place from abuse and neglect. This powerful mission impacts Spartanburg in a big way that often times goes unseen due to the nature of the challenges they face. Arrowhead’s owners, Lanie Whitaker and Jamie Woodruff are both Patron Members at Hope Center, and often participate in volunteer opportunities. We’d like to give a special thanks to Maddi Currier, our dear friend in development at Hope Center who continues to support local business’s like ours. It was finally our turn to give back to this incredible organization.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker



Welcome Jared Draney!

Welcome Jared Draney!

Arrowhead’s New Junior Content Creator

Arrowhead is so excited to welcome Jared Draney to the team as our new Junior Content Creator! Jared currently attends Western Carolina University where he is seeking his degree in Film and Television Production. As the content creator for the Western Carolina football team, you can see his work published all over the university. We can’t wait to see what content he creates for Arrowhead and our growing list of clients!

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce Jared Draney!!


Hello everyone! My name is Jared and I’m extremely excited and ready to be a content creator for Arrowhead! Photography and Filmmaking are my biggest passions in life, and I’m a storyteller at heart. I started my journey with cameras when I was just a kid, making stop motion Lego videos. This love of making content has followed me all the way ever since, and now I get to do what I love everyday. The team at Arrowhead has created an amazing environment for creativity, and I’m so glad they’ve taken me on board!

Jared, how do you think you will apply your skills you’ve learned so far at Western Carolina to Arrowhead projects?

During my time at Western, I’ve been on plenty of film sets ranging from high budget to low budget, and have been contracted as many different film set positions. My concentration in the film program is in Cinematography, so I have been getting tons of experience using cameras and lighting setups. This knowledge and experience will help me make eye-catching, great content for Arrowhead productions!

Despite having a couple more years left of college, you already have a deep portfolio! What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve ever worked on?

One of my favorite projects that I worked on was a short film named “STATIC.” I was the Director of Photography and Camera Operator for this film, which was an absolute blast to shoot. We had an amazing cast and crew, and I won Best Cinematography at the Controlled Chaos Film Festival for it!

Tell us about your family and what it’s like living in Spartanburg, SC.

I have two amazing parents and two awesome sisters. We are very close and always have each other’s backs. My parents are my two greatest supporters and I’m super thankful for them.
I grew up across the bay from Manhattan, and moved to Spartanburg when I was 9. I’ve loved living here ever since. Spartanburg is a great city for its size, and I hope to keep watching it grow!

We know you love music! Tell us a little bit about that!

I was a trumpet player in middle school and high school. I was part of the marching band and it is one of my most favorite things. Even though I’m not currently active in any bands or music groups, I still play on the side and for fun!

You can reach Jared at jared@arrowheaddc.com!


Contact info@arrowheaddc.com or call 864.558.7609 for more information about us. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable. 

Welcome Ima Ortega!

Welcome Ima Ortega!

Arrowhead’s new Director of Media Production

Arrowhead has always provided small businesses with a niche experience that the “big box” agencies can’t truly provide. We plan on continuing this connection with our clients by adding Ima Ortega to our team! Ima comes from a background with a broad mix of local clients and also large corporate clients. His photography and cinematography experience will be a huge asset in growing our service list.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce Ima Ortega!!

Hi I’m Ima, I’m a photographer and cinematographer with a diverse work history and I’m extremely excited to be part of the Arrowhead Team! I picked up a camera at the age of 3, and never really put it down since. I never really intended for my hobby to become a livelihood, I kinda just grew into it. Along the way to where I am now, I served 6 years in the Air Force, traveled to 43 countries, met thousands of amazing people during countless projects, got my degree and started a family, needless to say, I like to stay busy.

I look forward to furthering my career along side the rest of the Arrowhead team and seeing where this adventure takes us!

We’ve been working together through separate companies for years and now we’ve finally got the opportunity for you to join us…what are you most excited about to become our Director of Media Production?
I am excited to start producing content for our clients, having the entire creative team under one roof will allow for much more efficient workflow and turnaround time, meaning our clients can put out up to date content at extremely reduced times compared to media being produced by two different teams.

Also nerf gun battles in the office.

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve ever worked on in your career?
Shooting luxury lifestyle photos in Barbados for 2 weeks, in a 10 million dollar apartment will probably stay in the top three for the rest of my life, but my real favorite was shooting photos for the Forza Ferrari team at Circuit of the America’s

When you’re not producing badass media, what do you do with your free time?
I love jumping around and trying new hobbies all the time. I always love to learn about new things and often find myself going down DIY project rabbit holes…like building a paludarium with a waterfall and live plants to sit on my desk.

You can reach Ima at ima@arrowheaddc.com!

Contact info@arrowheaddc.com or call 864.558.7609 for more information about us. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable. 

Congrats Kris Bridgeforth!

Congrats to Kris Bridgeforth!

2020 Spartanburg Community College Grad!

Lanie here – President of Arrowhead Design Company. Today is such a happy day for the Arrowhead team. Our 10 month internship with Kris Bridgeforth officially turns into a full time Graphic Designer position. Kris has come a long was since stepping through our doors, learning from both his professors and his co-workers at Arrowhead.

We’ve asked Kris to answer some fun questions, that we think you will enjoy! :

What’s it like to be done with school foreverrr??
“Although school may be over, I feel like my learning has just began. It’s an exciting feeling to get started on the journey that I believed I worked really hard for and its a major accomplishment.”

If there is one thing you know you will apply from your degree directly to your design work at Arrowhead, what would it be?
“I believe that the knowledge I’ve gained of design principles such as balance, contrast, etc will be the most directly applicable at Arrowhead.”

Your 10 month internship with us has now turned into a full time graphic design position!! What are you most excited about?
“I’m super hype to just get better as a designer. I’ve never been in a position that landed me around other creatives and its been quite the experience as I’m constantly inspired to develop my creativity.”

What’s your favorite thing to design and what’s your least favorite?
“My favorite things to design are album covers, posters, advertisements, and although proven to be tougher than usual, logos! My least favorite would probably be postcards lol.”

Your experience was cut a little short at SCC due to the Corona Virus, so If you could say one thing to your professors what would it be?
“I would say it has been awesome to be a student of individuals who care about the success of their students and in this short time, it has motivated me to be where I am today.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Well with Arrowhead’s rapid growth, I hope to see JUNIOR knocked off my position for starters lol. Where I see myself in five years is always changing, but I hope to be a reliable designer for ARROWHEAD DESIGN COMPANY INC!!!!”

**In case you’re wondering…JUNIOR was knocked off his title immediately :p

Contact info@arrowheaddc.com or call 864.558.7609 for more information about us. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable. 

Impact Spartanburg

Client: Impact Spartanburg

Website Design

The previous Impact Spartanburg website had loads of information, but no good way of viewing it. Minimal picture usage, and old page layouts made for an uninteresting experience for viewers.

With our new design you’ll see vibrant images, valuable resource links, moving infographics, and plenty of helpful content for viewers to actually use! The Impact team was also extremely happy to be able to include new branding that they created internally. The new website incapsulates everything their organization is doing for our community in Spartanburg.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker



Agency Partner Program

10 Reasons Why You Want to Host Your Wordpress Website With Us…

  1. We include maintenance and editing time! Thinking about going the cheap route with Godaddy, Bluehost, or even Host Gator? Your biggest regret will be that when you need help with your site later on down the line, they won’t be willing to help you. Our hosting package comes with monthly plugin updates, as well as 2 hours of whatever updates you want on your website!
  2. We use the #1 Wordpress hosting company in the world and we are AGENCY PARTNERS with them. What does that mean? Flywheel, our hosting company (WP Engine partner) – is the fastest and most reliable hosting company around. They’ve recently upgraded us to the gold tier in their program, and we receive priority support.
  3. SSL certificate included! Certificates are a MUST HAVE in today’s world. It’s for the security of you and your website viewers. This comes at an extra cost from other companies, but is included with us!
  4. Backups every day for peace of mind! We back your website up every day to protect from white screens, hacks, and clicking accidents. We can restore your website back to the previous day if any of these things happen!
  5. Hacker-free security! No hosting platform is 100% secure, but we work extra hard to keep your website safe and free from hackers. IF they happen to get through, we will be responsible for cleaning things up for you!
  6. Talk to someone local! There is nothing more frustrating than having to explain your problem to a stranger. We’re local, and we are familiar, so pick up the phone and talk to us, or swing by and have a chat!
  7. Reliability! Our websites rarely go down..and when they do…we are on top of it! No hosting company can guarantee 100% up-time, but we guarantee that during downtime we are working to fix it!
  8. Google Analytics upon request! Want to know the top level stats from your website visitors? Top pages? Top referrers? Number of hits? We’ve got you! 🙂
  9. Organic SEO! Search Engine Optimization…it’s all the buzz right now. We are here to tell you that you have a lot bigger things to be worried about, but if you’ve got that bug in your ear telling you to work on your SEO, we build a solid foundation for each page to perform well.
  10. You will be hands off. This is our clients’ favorite part. We run their website for them, and all they have to do is send us an email with changes when they have them. Want to post a blog but don’t know how? How about add a new section to your page? Or maybe even add a pop-up during times like Covid-19 when you just want to get one quick message across to your customers/clients? We will do all of that, and you won’t catch an extra bill from us.

We aren’t shy…our hosting is $80/mon. and comes with everything we mentioned above. By the time you purchase your hosting, ssl certificate, and privacy from a big box store, you will be in the ballpark of $30/mon. (and most companies make you pay for a year in advance) The kicker is…you have to do everything yourself, fix it when it breaks, and wait on hold with a customer service rep for well…who knows how long. Worth the extra $50 to switch to us?:)


Contact info@arrowheaddc.com or call 864.558.7609 to get started. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable. 

Spartanburg Little Theatre

Client: Spartanburg Little Theatre

Logo Design, 75th Anniversary Branding, Website Design.

From the very beginning of this project, the Arrowhead team knew this was going to be a special project. Not only are many employees at Arrowhead super fans, we have a love for things that our community loves…and the Little Theatre is one of those things.

The project begin with a “refresh” of their current branding. The legendary mask that has stuck with the Little Theatre over the years, is a staple. One that we felt as though we would be silly to change. So, our first task was to freshin’ up the current logo and make it “new” again without losing it’s historical values.

We went from this:

To this:


You can see the clear differences in the choices of layout, the surrounding mask shape, and event the fonts. We completed a much more streamlined look.

After the original logo design, we began to tackle the 75th Anniversary logo. 

The 75th logo did not come with a before/after, but here is the glorious after:

The negative space inside of the 5 allowed for the signature mask face to come through to keep the branding consistent.

Lastly, The Website Pulled It All Together:

Before, the theatre did not have an online shopping experience. All tickets were directed through the Chapman cultural center. Now, only select individual tickets will go through Chapman, while the rest go through the online e-commerce shopping experience we created for the Little Theatre. Purchase season tickets, donate, join their legacy circle, sponsor, you can do it all from there new site! Not to mention all the fun new photography and graphics pulling together to complete this beautiful brand.

Arrowhead Designer: Lanie Whitaker



Nathan Moore Foundation Branding

Client: Nathan Moore Foundation

Logo, Flyers, Website Design, Apparel Design

Arrowhead started out working with the Nathan Moore Foundation to create new t-shirts and an updated logo to go on their golf tournament flyer. The logo quickly became a recognizable staple for the foundation and the very next year they decided to have us create a new website that would accept donations, sponsorships, and t-shirt purchases online. We’re very excited to have been a part of this project.

Here is more about the foundation:

In 2016, The Nathan Moore Foundation, was created in memory of Nathan Moore, Greer High School basketball player. Nathan was always there to help his teammates, friends and family so by creating this foundation they are able to keep his legacy alive and give back. The foundation would not be able to continue without the support of the community so THANK YOU to all who have contributed through playing or donating! You can sign up or be a sponsor to help the foundation continue to grow and give back to student athletes.

Logo: Nathan’s favorite sport was basketball. By creating a golf tournament to raise funds, we decided to create a logo that incorporated both his favorite sport, and the sport that the tournament is holding. The basketball on a tee represents that.

Flyers: The flyers contain the new branding, and also the summary of this year’s tournament

Website: One-page “single scrolling” website with purchasing capabilities for sponsorships, donors, and t-shirts. 

Apparel: Logo tees with the new Nathan Moore Foundation Logo


Arrowhead Designers Jamie Woodruff & Slade Mullinax



COVID-19 From A Millennial Design Agency's Point Of View...

COVID-19 From A Millennial Design Agency’s Point Of View…

Wow!! What’s going on guys? We’ve never seen anything like this in our short time on earth. We’ve heard everything from government conspiracies, to social experiments, to actual truth that there is a disease of this magnitude wafting it’s way across the planet…

Common things we are hearing:

  • “Do you even know someone that has the virus?”
  • **Coughs** OMG I have symptoms”
  • “What if everyone loses their jobs?”
  • “This might cause internal civil war”

I’m here to tell you that NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE STUPID. Whether this is unnecessary media attention or not, the risk of heading down to Florida for spring break does not outweigh the thought of catching this virus and not being around to finally get to an age where people will take us seriously. We’re here for the long run…so while some of us 20-year-olds are making fun of the situation…Arrowhead won’t be doing that. In fact, we’ve heard from reliable sources that there are several cases confirmed locally that people actually know!

This quick read is to make a couple of points…

  1. Arrowhead will be thinking rationally throughout this process. We will never be “kids” trying to get out of work, and we will never put our team at risk. We are OPEN…from home. In fact, we’ve seen a huge need for our services over the past week. Local business owners are looking for ways to get updates out to their clients/customers digitally – either through their website or their social media pages.
  2. NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE STUPID AND NOT ALL MILLENNIALS ARE SLACKERS. One of the most common questions we’ve been asked before the virus even started…”Hey, do you guys work out of your house? Or do you have an office?” WOAH. If we were 40+ years old you would never ask us that question…We’ve had an office/retail space for nearly 4 years, and we’ve doubled our business every year starting from the time our owners were 24 years old. Looks like we finally get to work out of our home for a while like some think we already do?

Anyway, have you seen the new show on Netlfix called: 100 Humans? If not…check it out…it looks like us millennials and our grandparents are smarter than you think. The two age groups that get criticized on the “reg” come out swingin!

In true millennial fashion, you may have skipped over the middle part of this post and looked directly to this large text at the bottom…

If you did, no shame…it just shows that we can help get a message out digitally, so if you are a local business owner, or know one that needs help getting the word out during this crazy time in history…we’d love to help. You need to own physical real estate, but this is a perfect example of why you need to own digital real estate as well. Let us help you!!!

Contact info@arrowheaddc.com or call 864.558.7609 to get started. We are offering discounted service for the foreseeable future. We are easy to work with, creative, adaptable, and most importantly…transparent and reliable. 

Nu-way Lounge Total Brand Makeover

Client: Nu-way Lounge

Logo, Menu, Website Design, Apparel Design, and Social Media Management

The Nu-way Lounge, a local favorite, Spartanburg’s oldest bar, and the folks we share a brick/mortar wall with, asked us to create a new look for the Nu-way that would give a fresh vibe, but also play off the traditional “dive bar” feel that everyone knows them by. We believe we’ve achieved that with the fonts, colors, and mix of old and new.

Logo: Plays off the traditional “PBR” can label

Menu: Combos the old logo with new fonts, and macro photography of burgers

Website: One-page “single scrolling” website with full menu and Instagram feed

Apparel: Custom illustrations of exterior sign, and the classic Redneck Cheeseburger

Social Media: Management of graphics on both Instagram and Facebook

Arrowhead Designer Slade Mullinax