Client: Attorney James Thomas

Logo Design | Website Design

Attorney James Thomas was looking for and agency to design something visual using his initials. We were able to deliver a polished design, along with a website themed by the phrase “Defending Spartanburg.” A true reflection on James Thomas’s personality.

“I trusted Arrowhead with a redesign of my law practice’s website and logo design about a year ago, and have also worked with them on a couple other smaller projects since then. They are an absolute pleasure to work with in every way. Calls to my office (and inquiries through the website) are up significantly since the launch of the website and I know it’s because of Arrowhead’s hard work. There is a lot of competition among specialists who design websites and do online marketing specifically for law firms, but I really wanted to work with local people to help establish my presence locally and stand out rather than having a cookie-cutter law firm website. A year or so later, I’m definitely happy with my decision, and they have my highest recommendation.” – Attorney James Thomas